--- Individual Class References: ---

1. Sept. 6:


    -Course description and syllabus

    -Setting up the Microcontroller ("Hello, World.")

    -Examples of Programs and Projects



  1. Watch MAKE Electronics Videos (as needed.)
  2. Watch the 'Hello World!', the video about Processing -if you haven't.
  3. Maybe buy an Arduino if you would like to.

2. Sept. 13:
Slide Deck: Free Software and the Raspberry Pi

The Unix platform.

This will be introduced using Raspberry Pi computers. Each student will be provided with a computer running the Linux version of the Unix operating System. This introduces the idea of installing and controlling server (as opposed to just client) software.

3. Sept. 20:

Server software part 2.

This segment will including installing and running a an free/open source web server (Apache) that can be accessed by web browsers on the local network.

4. Sept. 27:

"Generative" artworks:

a.k.a. Algorithmic Artwork, programmed in different languages with examples that include those derived from nature and scientific phenomena.
Examples for Class
Conway's 'Game of Life', -in JavaScript
'AbandonedArt' Code Examples
NetLogo Software
Generative Design
The Nature of Code
'Kadenze' Programming Course

5. Oct. 4:


Examples of how to use persistent information that can be generated by a user/audience and stored and used in different ways.

6. Oct. 11:


Interfaces and Interactivity. Demo/examples in Processing and Max/MSP/Jitter

7. Oct 18:


For services such as https, but also covering encryption of personal files and anonymizing email and web browsing.     -(Draft of Final Project Descriptions)

8. Oct. 25:

Not just the Arduino family (including the Uno, Gemma, Micro) as well as Adafruit’s (Trinket and Flora.)

9. Nov. 1:

Networked Interactions

Wireless, Cellular and OSC interactivity. (Can be related to IoT or performance)

10. Nov. 8:


Includes samples, oscillators and Text-to-Speech. This can include homemade digital musical instruments as well as using pre-existing software and hardware and then customizing it to create interactions with audio-verbal responses.

Free sound effects

Javascript Sound example - download

11. Nov. 15:


Hannah Perner-Wilson's site 1

Hannah Perner-Wilson's Plusea

Alison Kotin

A variety of sensors for interactive installations or web-based content.
We will provide working demos for diffent programming environments

12. Nov. 22:

The Internet of Things (IoT).
Includes hardware: Photon, Sparkfun “ESP8266 Thing” and Adafruit “Feather”

13. Nov. 29:

    Visiting Artist: Matt Karl

    - In-class work day

    - Debugging

14. Dec. 6:

    - Final Project Presentations